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Mini Input Unit

Manufacturer HELVAR

DIGIDIM Mini Input Unit (444) The DIGIDIM Mini Input Unit is a DALI-compatible interface, designed to allow customer specified switches, sensors, time clocks or other on/off control devices to be incorporated into a DIGIDIM lighting control system.

The Mini input Unit is a small, prewired, encapsulated printed circuit board and is suitable for inclusion into all standard size back boxes together with a suitable mainsrated switch. .

Key Features
• Preconfigured with touch dimmer inputs for two groups.
• Fits into all standard size back boxes and architrave style back boxes.
• Touch dimming with a momentary push switch.
• Can be used with momentary or latching switches.
• Fully programmable using DIGIDIM Toolbox software.

Installation Notes
• All switches and cables must be mains rated.
• To avoid interference problems, the four prewired switch connections and the common lead should not be increased in length.
• Cannot be used to interconnect multiple DALI networks.
• DIGIDIM Mini Input unit.


HELVAR Catalogues

Mini Input Unit DIGIDIM 444 - HELVAR

Mini Input Unit DIGIDIM 444 - HELVAR
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