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Marble mosaic

Manufacturer Lithos Mosaico Italia - Lithos

Artistic Collection
Human being has been the creator of marvelous works which have challenged centuries and millenniums. From  time immemorial, stone, has lent itself to the realization of these marvelous works and it has become the art’s means to mark the ages; it has expressed itself in mosaic to reach us getting across the Greek and Roman glories and byzantine opulence. Great and minor importance mosaic scenes have given us the chance  to go back to techniques and materials which Lithos proposes today with a new vigour for the most modern architectural applications. Lithos has been able to pick up this precious inheritance, it has become interpreter of this singular form of art, reaching the taste of a great public and going along with  the different customer’s needs. A mosaic by Lithos  fits harmoniously into the environment it stays in, thanks to its polished and ancient finishes and thanks to its original and refined colours . In every Lithos mosaic the scrupulous and handcraft work links to the most advanced techniques producing works with a personality and a soul which characterize every kind of environment where located. Skilled hands process the little stone wedges into perfect and complex forms and for every glance given to, they will be able to provoke emotions, forever preserved.


cm 60 x 30 x 1

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