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Lap robe

Manufacturer sans tabù

design by
Eros Ludique Collection
Sans Tabù begins by twisting the traditional silk foulard, making it unisex, gigantic and featherweight, an artist’s canvas that evolves in the following collections into scarves made of wool, silk, cashmere. The foulard then transforms into enveloping kimonos, soft and sensual shirts to wear with boxers or pull pants, loose t-shirts, culottes and camisoles, slips. 
Clothing to wear indoors or out, night or day, hidden or exposed, liberating, charged with a subtle and contagious Eros. 
The natural evolution is to expand the Home Collection: cashmere throws, silk quilts, cushions. A two-sided play with the “Eros Ludique” prints and wallpaper texture as home décor.
Kaleidoscope atmospheres explore the misty dawning of day, the full and saturate light of mid-day, the subdued tones of sunset, and the depths of darkness with dense, full, rich colors. Metropolitan neon lights, rapid and intense passages that underline a shadow or the outline of a body.

Plaid 140 x 220 cm approx. 80% wool 20% cashmere.

Colour: Pernice.


140 x 220 cm

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