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LED track-light

Manufacturer Sattler

Avveni Collection
AVVENI is designed as a modular system. It can be adapted easily to any architectural concept due to countless variations in terms of design and lighting design. The AVVENI series ranges from floor, table, and ceiling lights to various complex pendant structures. Due to this, AVVENI is predestined for lighting large and high ceiling rooms in commercial buildings as well as representative functional areas such as board rooms and lounge areas in commercial projects and living areas in domestic setups.

The light heads can be easily removed and exchanged by simply popping them in and out and rotated around all axes by means of an innovative magnetic joint system. Furthermore, the AVVENI light heads come in two different styles: flood and spot light. When using the spot variant, the beam angle may be chosen between nine and sixty degrees via a snap-in system and different adaptor lenses which are available. Furthermore, this system allows for shifting the light colour and attaching anti-glare lenses.

3-phase track with 1 light head. Light head can be taken off and is fully adjustable through a magnetic hinge system. Light heads are available as flood or spot versions (9 degree beam angle with adaptors for 25, 36, and 60 degrees). Cable suspensions are adjustable.

Technical features

- Pendant-, Ceiling- or Recessed track system
- LED-technology 36V
- CRI > 95
- extra warmwhite 2700K (27), warmwhite 3000K (30), neutralwhite 4000K (40)
- Dimming 0-10V

Sattler Catalogues

LED track-light AVVENI PURE TRACK - Sattler

LED track-light AVVENI PURE TRACK - Sattler
LED track-light AVVENI PURE TRACK - Sattler

LED track-light AVVENI PURE TRACK - Sattler
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