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Pump and circulator for water system

Manufacturer WILO Italia

Multistage 8" stainless steel cast submersible pump in sectional construction for vertical and horizontal installation.
- Process water and water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage tanks in communal and industrial applications
- Pumping drinking water with ACS approval
- Pumping water for sprinkling and irrigation
- Ground water lowering
- Pressure boostingPumping water in offshore areas and in fire extinguishing systems
- Utilisation in geothermal and thermal applications
- Water control in mines and mining applications
Special features/product advantages
- High pump efficiency of up to 84.5 %
- A previously unequalled total efficiency of more than 75 % in this class with permanent magnet rotor
- Particularly corrosion-resistant thanks to hydraulics comprised entirely of cast stainless steel in 1.4408 (AISI 316)High wear resistance: max. sand content of 150 g/m³
- ACS approved for domestic water applications
- Easy maintenance, simple to dismantle system
Pump and circulator for water system ZETOS K8 - WILO Italia

Pump and circulator for water system ZETOS K8 - WILO Italia
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