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ALUMINIUM BED | Canopy bed

Aluminium double bed

Manufacturer MDF Italia

Beds in various versions:
• sommier
• with headboard: 57 cm high, “plain contour” without panel.
• sommier with canopy (canopy in height 210 cm).

Frame in natural anodized aluminium. Finish in polished aluminium available as an option for the version with 57 cm high headboard and for the canopy version of the sommier.
Aluminium frame, gloss painted white, black, red.

Widths range from one metre to 210 cm, with a  xed length: 210 cm. Unmodi able heights of headboards: 30 or 57 cm.
Special sizes for slats and frame are available, in multiples of 10 cm, except for canopy versions, with a longer lead time.
Maximum possible length 220 cm (slats usable length 210 cm).
Bed height: 30 cm, unmodi able.

Slat bases
Single slat bases may be combined in a double-bed structure using the special aluminium-painted steel support bar.


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Aluminium double bed ALUMINIUM BED | Canopy bed - MDF Italia

Aluminium double bed ALUMINIUM BED | Canopy bed - MDF Italia
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