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PORT 600

Component for sewer network

Manufacturer WILO Italia

Port Series
Plastic pump chamber for insertion into the ground.
Pumping of sewage containing faeces or pre-cleaned sewage that cannot be returned to the sewer system using natural falls, and for the draining of objects that are below the backflow level.
Special features/product advantages
- Can be driven over – even by heavy-duty vehicles – thanks to pump covers that are directly mountable on the chamber
- Flexible adaptability during the installation phase due to a variable pump chamber extension up to 2.75 m
- Maximum operational reliability and protection against leakage via the one-piece chamber body up to 2.25 mLong service life thanks to the use of corrosion-free materials
- Simple maintenance with easily accessible valves thanks to the surface coupling
- Easy installation thanks to the light polyethylene chamber body and integrated inlet connecting pieces
- Anti-buoyant chamber body without additional weights via circumferential chamber ribs
Component for sewer network PORT 600 - WILO Italia

Component for sewer network PORT 600 - WILO Italia
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