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Component for sewer network

Manufacturer WILO Italia

Emu Series
Standard sewage lifting unit with solids separation system in accordance with DIN EN 12050-1 for installation in a building or in a pump chamber for outdoor installation.
Pumping of untreated sewage that cannot be returned to the sewer system using natural falls, and for the draining of objects that are below the backflow level (according to DIN EN 12056/ DIN 1986-100).
Special features/product advantages
- Maximum operational safety with separation of solids from the sewage: Large solids do not have to pass through the pump - no clogging
- Cost-effective thanks to retrofit system for simple renovation of old pumping stations
- Durable and corrosion-free due to the use of PE and PUR material
- Easy maintenance thanks to hygienic dry well installation and easy access from outside
- Future-proof even with increasing solid content in sewage
- Flexible installation in buildings or in chambers from 1,500mm diameter
- Energy savings due to efficient submersible sewage pumps with IE3 motors
Component for sewer network EMU PORT CORE - WILO Italia

Component for sewer network EMU PORT CORE - WILO Italia
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