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Purification and disposal system

Manufacturer WILO Italia

Emu Series
Submersible sewage pump with and without active cooling system for continuous duty in the stationary and portable wet well installation, as well as for stationary dry well installation.
Pumping of:
- Untreated sewage with faeces and long-fibre components
- Sewage containing faeces
- Pre-cleaned sewage without faeces and long-fibre components
- Process water
- Wastewater
Special features/product advantages
- Can be customized exactly to your requirements. 
- For reliable and efficient pumping of pre-cleaned sewage and untreated sewage.
- Versatile. 
- Constant, optimal pumping of different media via various forms of impeller.
- Energy-efficient with optionally-available IE3 motor technology
Purification and disposal system EMU FA - WILO Italia

Purification and disposal system EMU FA - WILO Italia
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