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Quercia tabacco

Wooden parquet

Manufacturer Idee & Parquet

Chimera Tavole Collection
Quercia Tabacco - 3-ply planks with ware layer in Oak (Quercus Petraea, Robur) supplied in several widths and falling lengths, bevelled on long sides, oiled effect finished.


Thickness/Spessore 14 / 15 mm
Ware layer/Legno Nobile 3,5 / 4 mm
Strip/Lista 70 x 210 mm
Square/Quadrotta 800 x 2400 mm

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Wooden parquet Quercia tabacco - Idee & Parquet

Wooden parquet Quercia tabacco - Idee & Parquet
Chimera Collection Presentation (it, en)
Idee & Parquet presentation (it, en)
Idee & Parquet e Gazzotti - Villa Beccadelli (it, en)
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