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Briccola wood parquet

Manufacturer Idee & Parquet

Pratovecchio Collection
With the floors in the Pratovecchio range, made from recovered wood, boards and beams from ancient homes are given another chance to shine, and an opportunity to pass on powerful emotions. Oak, elm, pine and poplar timber is recovered and expertly transformed. The products in this range are in three-layer planks: one hardwood layer, a wooden support layer and wooden counter balancing for stability. The craftsmen at Idee & Parquet choose their materials with care and work with artistic flair to restore the wood, using ancient manual woodworking techniques: brushing, rounding, distressing and hand bevelling. Planks from a bygone era are therefore reborn, ready to enhance new, highly atmospheric environments. The floors in the Pratovecchio range are filled and waxed by hand, with bevelling on the two long sides. They are simple and quick to install: they can be glued, laid floating or nailed to concrete screed or pre-existing floors, provided they are suitable for supporting this type of flooring.


Thickness/Spessore 15 / 16 mm
Ware layer/Legno Nobile 4 mm
Width/Larghezza 80 > 220 mm
Length/Lunghezza 600 > 2200 mm

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Briccola wood parquet BRICCOLE - Idee & Parquet

Briccola wood parquet BRICCOLE - Idee & Parquet
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