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FLY | Spotlight

Stainless steel spotlight / steplight

Manufacturer Brillamenti by Hi Project

Fly Collection
Fly is an indoor design lamp that may be placed on any flat surface. The particular way in which the diffusor is made generates a perimeter of light that follows the shapes of the lamp, useful to anyone who wants to give added value to a wall or a space.
Wall or ceiling lamp ideal for creating mood lighting, it is designed to be inserted in an environment with a contemporary style, but also to create a visual contrast with rustic stone or wood, such as a cocktail bar, lounge bar or private homes.
This Led lamp is considered a decorativeluminaire. The diffusor is made of quality materials: polycarbonate and stainless steel.
A refined Led ceiling light, which gives elegance and charm to the environment where it is installed.
Fly is a refined and versatile designer lamp,customisable according to specific aesthetical desires.

Stainless steel Led luminaire and diffusor in transparent processed polycarbonate, to be placed on the wall/ceiling.
It comes with a 25 cm bipolar cable.
Indoor installation on any flat hard surface.
Pressure fixing with special support in aluminium fixed with two screws.
The specific characteristics of individual variants are found in the respective data sheets.



Ø69 x 50mm

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Stainless steel spotlight / steplight FLY | Spotlight - Brillamenti by Hi Project

Stainless steel spotlight / steplight FLY | Spotlight - Brillamenti by Hi Project
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