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Water Drinking Faucet

Manufacturer JUSTIME

Tai Chi Collection
Utilizing the simplify concept of Tai Chi motion, creating extraordinary look on the Tai Chi Series faucets. Featuring the Tai Chi notion of "soft against hard" through its soft cut of the faucet body and flow of water. Adding into faucet, the "Yin and Yang" aspect of Tai Chi, creating two types of faucets, the femininity and masculinity

Water Drinking Faucet (Stainless Steel or Antimicrobial Copper)

1.Using the #304, #303 stainless steel as the material makes the drinking faucet possess the character of acid-resisting, heat-resistant and erode-resisting. The surface is without the
chemical painting to protect the users from harm.
2.The cartridge structure of the handle is different from the traditional brass cartridge, rubber cartridge and ceramic cartridge. It designed with the stainless steel central structure and the lifespan of handle is up to 50,000 switches test.
3.This product can be used in the public space. The spout is used by pressed, this structure can reduce waste of water.
4.The spout can be swiveled for 360° by user required. 
5.Water flow rate: over 4920 c.c./per minute(under 50PSI)
6.Fitting for all kind of R/O reverse osmosis water drinking systems.


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Water Drinking Faucet TAI CHI - JUSTIME

Water Drinking Faucet TAI CHI - JUSTIME
Water Drinking Faucet TAI CHI - JUSTIME

Water Drinking Faucet TAI CHI - JUSTIME
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