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MUSEUM | Multiple spotlight

LED multiple spotlight

Manufacturer Brillamenti by Hi Project

Museum Collection
Series of high quality and maximum efficiency Led lights. Museum is a lighting systemdesigned to be used mainly in cultural and exhibition spaces like museums, libraries, art galleries and shops.
Some products of this series are characterised by the peculiar characteristic of havingdirectable Led lights. The lamp’s every spot lighting can be adjusted in any direction, just like a human eye.
Museum comes in numerous variants and with the possibility of extensive customisationsmaking it perfectly suited to meet specific needs: from shedding precise light on small objects or large surfaces, from paintings to sculptures, or even to light passageways deliberately keeping areas of little interest in the shadows.

Steel Led luminaire in the ceiling/wall variants, even with the use of brackets, hanging, recessed or for drywall, each light point is directable, the entire lamp is directable and non-directable.
It comes with a 25cm of bipolar cable.
Indoor installation on any flat hard surface.
The fastening system varies depending on the selected version.
The specific characteristics of individual variants are found in the respective data sheets.



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LED multiple spotlight MUSEUM | Multiple spotlight - Brillamenti by Hi Project

LED multiple spotlight MUSEUM | Multiple spotlight - Brillamenti by Hi Project
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