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Washable writing vinyl wallpaper

Manufacturer GLAMORA

Card Collection
The play of light and shade, beaming dreams and drawings onto surfaces, transparency and architectural materials. The mystery of ancient forms of life, fossilized in an eternal moment. The rhythm and the vibration of disco music, displayed through body language. Videogames icons changed to decorative motifs and symbols. Ancestral graphic effects that mark the belonging to contemporary tribes. Colours that transform the environment into a modern painting performance. Flowers that come to life, adding a new dimension to a space. And then the charms of fashion, marble textures, the magic of the gold, the beat of the wings of a butterfly. These are a few among many of the new inspirations of GLAMORA’s collection. A non-stop journey, through a child’s gaze, the eyes of the memory, the vision of the future. GLAMORA, creative wallcoverings.

Card is a collection of vinyl and washable wallpapers.

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Washable writing vinyl wallpaper BLA BLA - GLAMORA

Washable writing vinyl wallpaper BLA BLA - GLAMORA
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