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Decorated glass door

Manufacturer OmniDecor®

DecorFlou® Fade
Gradient acid etched glass with a geometrical decoration shading from completely etched to completely transparent. DecorFlou® Fade was designed to meet both technical and aesthetic needs, for numerous
applications wherever light and privacy are needed: from the residential or public environments to the contract world. Glass doors, office partition walls or shower enclosures are enhanced by a gradient effect that modernizes the traditional appearance of acid etched glass.
The gradient effect is created starting from an entirely etched surface, where a dense pattern of ovals slightly thins out till reaching full transparency. OmniDecor confirms once again its vocation for design, converted into innovative textures for its decorative acid etched glass.

Float glass with fading etching, which, through a geometrical texture, makes the surface go from completely etched to completely transparent
High light transmission; anti-fingerprint and scratchproof on side with etching; inalterability of surface with etching; durability; decoration with fading effect
Bronze, Clear, Low Iron,Grey
Doors , Showers ,Facades & Balustrades ,Contract

Further details

Available patterns, colors and layout
different layout options available
product description
glass sheets with gradient etching on side 1, and two different textures available
anti–fingerprint and anti-scratch for the etched surface

raw material
float glass UNI EN 572-2 compliant
mirror glass UNI EN 1036 compliant

available thicknesses (in mm)

available sheet sizes (in cm and inches)
200/225/240/255 x 321 - 78’/88’/94’/100’ x 126’

weight (in kg/sqm)
2,5 Kg/m2 per per 1 mm thickness

glass processing info
all mechanical processing allowed
tempering process allowed
bending process allowed
lamination process allowed

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Decorated glass door DECORFLOU® FADE - OmniDecor®

Decorated glass door DECORFLOU® FADE - OmniDecor®
OmniDecor at Glasstec 2016
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