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MW32 | Bottle rack

Tinplate bottle rack

Manufacturer ALESSI

Circus Collection
"This circus is a sensory experience that never leaves you. It’s magical. It’s mystical. It’s larger than life."
Marcel Wanders

With festivity, Marcel Wanders delivers iconic kitchenware designed to capture the spectacle only found under the big top.
Using bold, geometric patterns of circles, stripes, conic shapes, and colours such as white, black, yellow, red and gold, each piece reminds of historical symbols from the circus universe resonating an experience of wonder and amusement.

Thanks to the production materials used, this bottle holder is particularly lightweight and manageable. The double wall and insulated plastic interior ensure that drinks are kept cool. For the decoration of this object, Marcel Wanders proposes a fresh take on the unmistakable red and white segments that immediately take us back under the circus big top, around the arena where his magnificent show unfolds.  

Thermo insulated bottle stand in tinplate with decoration.


cl 120 – ø cm 15,8 – h cm 24,2

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 - Stainless steel bottle rack MW57 | Bottle rack - ALESSI Stainless steel bottle rack This bottle holder is made in stainless steel with a double wall technique that enables production of hollow objects, which are therefore extremely lightweight despite their considerable size. The double wall also ensures maximum efficiency in keeping drinks cool. Marcel Wanders decorates the bottle holder with a cheerful pattern of red circles on a yellow background, reminiscent of the colourful polka dots often found in circus costumes and sets.  

Double wall vacuum bottle stand in 18/10 stainless steel with decoration.


Tinplate bottle rack MW32 | Bottle rack - ALESSI

Tinplate bottle rack MW32 | Bottle rack - ALESSI
Alessi Circus presentation event
Alessi. The Design Factory.
Alessi @Salone Del Mobile

Penthouse One-11

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