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Modular system for raised flooring

Manufacturer IMPERTEK

BALANCE, the self-levelling micro-head that can be used on all Jack supports, designed to allow for slope correction during installation.
Developed to easily and automatically adapt to the various slopes that can be found in construction sites, it allows the inclination of flooring to be corrected up to 5%. Furthermore, it can be used in combination with conventional slope correctors for supports, thus increasing the percentage of use.
Balance consists of 4 pieces that overlap one another: from below we find the connector (which allows the head to be attached to the screws of the Jack supports), the head, the leveller and the blocking clip. Finally, thanks to the anti-shock rubber, it ensures greater noise absorption.

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Modular system for raised flooring BALANCE - IMPERTEK

Modular system for raised flooring BALANCE - IMPERTEK
CERSAIE 2016 | Impertek - Luca Giacomini
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