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Modular system for raised flooring

Manufacturer IMPERTEK

PRIMEUP, an adjustablesupport with a height of just 10mm.
PrimeUp has a base on which an adjustment ring nut is inserted. Thanks to the latter, by turning two components, the height can be increased from a minimum of 10mm to a total of 15mm. Moreover, below the base, two extensions can be inserted, which additionally increase the height of the support by 5mm each.
PrimeUp, in full closing phase and without extensions, therefore measures just 10mm, whereas, when it is open at maximum height and with both extensions applied, it reaches 25mm.
Finally, the micro-head of the support is inserted above the base and ring nut, choosing the most suitable among those in the entire MegaMart category.

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Modular system for raised flooring PRIMEUP - IMPERTEK

Modular system for raised flooring PRIMEUP - IMPERTEK
CERSAIE 2016 | Impertek - Luca Giacomini
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