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Manufacturer IMPERTEK

Vertical Wall Clips and Step Clips, two types of accessories that can be directly applied to Jack supports.

The VERTICAL WALL CLIP allows grouting to be created between the tiles to be laid and the vertical walls of the perimeter, avoiding the displacement of the tile itself and ensuring maximum stability of the installed flooring. The Vertical Wall Clips are to be used on top of the support, placing them on the grouting fins between the head and the tile to be laid.

The STEP CLIPS, instead, allow the construction of a vertical fixing, with excellent aesthetic results even in difficult situations. They are used in pairs: one at the base of the support (in which it is fitted thanks to hooks) and the other placed between the tile and the head of the support, where it is attached to the grouting fins so that it always maintains the ideal position.

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Flooring spacer CLIPS - IMPERTEK

Flooring spacer CLIPS - IMPERTEK
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