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Aluminium solar shading


Dufix t / Dufix u Collection
The rectangular or tubular form lattice, called T or U, represents a lattice group with strips, creating elegant and durable sun protection models, thanks to their simplicity and their continuity. They create quiet and secure atmospheres at the inside. The U form transmits power and personality to the façade. Their form singularity makes them a nice lattice with character. The rectangular forms are also perfectly integrated showing their best face.

The simplicity and consistency of the slats both wood as aluminum create models sunscreen stylish and durable.
The solutions proposed in strips about the architect linear and serene shadows, in the interiors of the rooms creating quiet and safe environments.
Learning in every project we, we shade at the customer's spacing distances between slats to create unique and personal environments.
In a wide range of materials, We can provide solutions to the most complex of the openings, implementing integrated systems or hiding ribbon racks and adapting more products, both wood and aluminum.
The base is 35X35 measures, but there is the possibility of changing measurements tubular needs even more on the requirements of the architect or client.
DUFIX 35t AL: Made from aluminum slat, allows a host of finishes and textures.
DUFIX 35T MA: wood as sunscreen, It is a living element that transmits natural environment.


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Aluminium solar shading DUFIX 35T AL - INDÚSTRIAS DURMI

Aluminium solar shading DUFIX 35T AL - INDÚSTRIAS DURMI
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