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LENS LINE | Built-in lamp

LED built-in lamp

Manufacturer Aquaform

Lens Line Collection
LENS LED LINE redefines the ambient lighting. Modular layout of lenses with high permeability (>90%), 4 lighting angles to choose (25 °, 40°,60°or 80°) and the possibility to create system combined solutions for angle of 90° is just the beginning. LENS LED LINE occurs in 2 variants of power and light, and directional optics allowed to reduce the effect of glare.  Modern, slender design of a profile highlights the rhythmically appearing lighting points of diameter under 14 mm. The choice of lighting angle and the possibility of control application makes LENS LINE LED the lamps, which are great as both decorative and general lighting.  
LENS LINE LED exist in 4 ways of assembly: ceiling lamps, recessed lighting, wall and suspended lamps. 


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LED built-in lamp LENS LINE | Built-in lamp - Aquaform

LED built-in lamp LENS LINE | Built-in lamp - Aquaform
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