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Corner glass shower cabin

Manufacturer Provex Industrie

Vario Collection
The Vario series offers shower enclosures with maximum flexibility— designed to fit almost any space—and a wide range of customised configurations. This series also comes with partial framing and has no horizontal profiles, providing excellent transparency and a spacious feel. Vario series showers are extremely stable due the use of additional metal support columns. Vario is a synthesis of the many advantages of a high-grade shower enclosure by Provex. An up-and-down lifting mechanism not only facilitates opening and closing of the doors, but also releases the door’s waterproof seal at the bottom. This feature ensures the longest possible life for the seal, which is usually subject to a lot of wear-and-tear. Silicone-free installation ensures a clean look and prevents yellowing and the formation of mould in nooks and crannies.

Provex Industrie Catalogues

Corner glass shower cabin VARIO FV - Provex Industrie

Corner glass shower cabin VARIO FV - Provex Industrie
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