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Sound insulation felt

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FONOSTOP Collection

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 - Impact insulation system FONOSTOPTrio - INDEX Impact insulation system FONOSTOPTrio is a triple layer insulation product made up of the same elements as FONOSTOPDuo but in this case, the soundresistant foil is also lined on the top face with the same non-woven fabric that lines the bottom face. 
FONOSTOPTrio completes the performance of the insulation product from which it derives because when it is combined with FONOSTOPDuo, it obtains an even higher dynamic stiffness of the system to be able to satisfy the insulation requirements of light floor slabs or for particular requirements that are higher than legal limits.
FONOSTOPTrio is produced in rolls of 1,05×8 meters. To obtain the seamless effect of the non-woven fabric after laying, it has two 5 cm overlap wings set opposite each other on both faces of the sheet.
 - Impact insulation system FONOSTRIP - INDEX Impact insulation system It is good practice to separate the wall at least from the floor slab with a strip of insulation material.
The acoustic benefit is 2÷4 dB. Obviously, this solution should be carefully assessed if building in a seismic zone. The use of plastic or too easily compressible materials could lead to cracks between wall and ceiling.
FONOSTRIP is an elastomeric sound-damping strip lined on both sides with a film of 4-mm thick polypropylene fibres which, laid under the dividing walls, prevents the transmission of impact and vibrations on the floor slab. 
FONOSTRIP is made of a special alloy of reinforced elastomers, with high permanent elasticity, which dampens the vibrations of the wall resting on it. The non-woven polyester fabric reinforcement prevents deformation under loads of the elastomeric alloy, avoiding the formation of cracks between wall and ceiling.
The surface textile finish of FONOSTRIP ensures good adhesion to cement mortar. If the floors of the two rooms separated by the wall are made with the “floating screed” technique, then the transmission of noise will be reduced even further.
 - Impact insulation system FONOCELL - INDEX Impact insulation system FONOCELL is a self-adhesive flexible and mouldable insulation strip made of extruded polyethylene that easily adapts to the shapes of walls; resistant and flexible, when it is stuck on the wall, through self-adhesion, and turned over on the resilient material of the flat part it guarantees the perimetric insulation of the floating screed and avoids acoustic bridges.

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Sound insulation felt FONOSTOPDuo - INDEX

Sound insulation felt FONOSTOPDuo - INDEX
Sound insulation felt FONOSTOPDuo - INDEX

Sound insulation felt FONOSTOPDuo - INDEX
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