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In situ liquid membrane

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Quick setting two-component elastoplastic cement modified polymer waterproofing and extra strong adhesive for waterproofing and installing swimming pools, balconies, terraces and bathrooms.

COVERCOL AB RAPID - Quick setting, two-part product elastoplastic adhesive and waterproofing, for use on balcons and terraces. Allows overlay application in a single day. Covercol AB Rapid is made using water-based binders and acrylic elastomers and is able to absorb structural movement without damage thanks to its exceptional flexibility and elasticity. It is applied using a smooth spatula (1st coat) and a toothed spatula (2nd coat). Component A: cement-based with additives (15 kg) Component B: water-based latex (5 kg) CERTIFICATION DIN 87189901.001/99 CERTIFICATION DIN 79729901.002/99

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In situ liquid membrane COVERCOL AB RAPID - INDEX

In situ liquid membrane COVERCOL AB RAPID - INDEX
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