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Metal sheet and panel for facade

Manufacturer OTEFAL

Basic alloys: 1000 / 3000 / 5000 series (chemical composition A.A. standard).
Thickness: between 0.25 and 3.00 mm.
Width: up to 1,530 mm.
Length: coils or sheets up to 6,000 mm.
Coating: antigraffiti polyester paints.
Colours: unlimited range (RAL colours and colours matched to sample provided).
Protective film: LDPE protection provided by UV-resistant.
Fire reaction: low flame spread (RWTUV certification, class A1*).
Workability: very thick coating resistant to bending and deformation, no cracking at a bends radius from 1T to 2T (it depends on basic alloys used, physical state and aluminium thickness).
Impact resistance: no cracking at a maximum of 10 Nm.
Off-cuts recycling: 100% recycle.
Flatness: total "Panel Quality" (continuous stretching) in accordance with the EN 485-4 norm.
Appearance: completely evenness of finish and colour.
* class A1 is the safest reaction class for building in Europe, in accordance with EN 13501-1 norm.
Metal sheet and panel for facade DWALL ANTIGRAFFITI - OTEFAL

Metal sheet and panel for facade DWALL ANTIGRAFFITI - OTEFAL
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