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Upholstered pouf

Manufacturer ITALY DREAM DESIGN - Kallisté

This beautiful pouf made in the pure Italian tradition is striking for its simplicity and its cured finishes. Perfectly straight, it will affect the great fans of the classic design. Indeed, it is inspired by master Le Corbusier furnitures. It consists of 2 perfectly squared cushions, contained by a chromed steel frame. The frame surrounds the cushions, drawing a symmetric figure at its sides and it ends with the 4 feet who support the pouf. It's coated by a padding of polyurethane foam of density 30. 35% of the polyurethane is crushproof, ensuring undisturbed over time the characteristics of lift, elasticity and resistance. You will have a comfortable pouf, but at the same time the cushions will retain their shape. It can be coated in various leather types and colors. You can choose among the standard leather, the most economical and available only in black, the corrected grain leather, the average quality, available in 12 colors (thickness between 1.4 and 1.6 mm) and the full grain aniline leather, the most valuable and smooth, which is available in 12 colors (thickness between 1.3 and 1.5 mm). The frame is normally chromed but it can also be black painted. If you have any particular requirements for the coating in other colors please contact us. Upon request, the armchair is covered with fabric available in various colors. It will integrate into any environment.

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Upholstered pouf JAVA - ITALY DREAM DESIGN - Kallisté

Upholstered pouf JAVA - ITALY DREAM DESIGN - Kallisté
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