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506 NCE


Manufacturer OTIS Servizi

Innnovation has been a constant theme in Otis’ development as the world’s leading escalator manufacturer - ever since we invented the escalator more than 100 years ago. (The word escalator, in fact, was an Otis trademark before it passed into the public domain.) Pioneering initiatives like the glass balustrade, the cleated riser and the newel have moved escalator technology forward and subsequently been adopted by the industry as a whole. Today, the NCE escalator delivers engineering quality that is the result of our long experience and, equally, of a sustained R&D programme. It demonstrates our commitment to the core values of safety, reliability, service and concern for the environment. And, by striving relentlessly to improve these values, Otis creates industry benchmarks in each.

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Escalator 506 NCE - OTIS Servizi

Escalator 506 NCE - OTIS Servizi
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