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Wall plug

Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

TURBO JET is the innovative nylon extended anchor for frame fixing. The traditional expansion system based on percussion, by the nail screw, with TJ becomes the innovative double expansion, thanks to peculiar shape of TJ body slot. In this way the exclusive design of TURBO JET increases our TURBO nylon plug performances.

• The exclusive slot design of the anchor body permits the ideal expansion on different materials, granting high performance on solid and hollow supports, also on not plastered materials.
• Double expansion system based on percussion with the special preassembled nail screw, for a fastening installation.
• Double anti-rotation ribbing over the whole anchor profile, to increase tightness.
• Cone-shaped tip to a better insertion into the hole
• Not expanded part with an inferior diameter to make easier the anchor insertion through the piece to be fastened.

Great use flexibility with 3 available versions:
• With flat collar normally destined to fastening sheet metal, metallic sections.
• With countersunk collar is preferred in all those cases in which is requested a fixing without bosses (wooden strips, skirting board, shelves etc.).
• With rounded collar suited for fixing plasterboard guides, flashing sectors, trucking systems.

Supplied with several lengths and diameters with pre-assembled countersunk flat head steel nail screw, pozidrive, white zinc plated. Available even with stainless steel screw AISI 304 (A2).
Available even in blister pack.

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Wall plug TURBO JET NYLON - G&B Fissaggi

Wall plug TURBO JET NYLON - G&B Fissaggi
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