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Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

The GETO FRAME SCREWS are used to fasten on solid supports different thickness profiles directy on solid supports (Trought fastening).

• Very small drilling diameter.
• Fire Proof Resistant.
• Quick installation.
• Removable.
• During installation, it does not cause profile deformations.
• Tight fastening also near edges due to the little stress on the material.
• Drilled the support, the GETO FRAME screw threats on the section, granting the maintaining of the foreseen distance from the wall.
Available with countersunk flat head TORX T30, suited for PVC and aluminium profiles, and cylindrical head suited for wood profiles.

Suited for solid or semisolid support: natural stone, concrete, solid and hollow bricks. Designed for through fastening.

White zinc plated (layer ≥ 5μ) STEEL C1022.

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Screw GETO - G&B Fissaggi

Screw GETO - G&B Fissaggi
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