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Steel Wall plug

Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

DELTA ACCIAIO is a steel anchor suggested for heavy duty fixings on solid supports. Its shield has a particular structure which permits a wide expansion capacity, in order to enable the use even on semisolid supports.

• Very easy and fast installation due to the through fastening feature.
• Reduced hole diameters allow the use with minimum distances between centre and from edge. Available in several versions:
• the new type, entirely made up of steel, with hexagonal head bolt, steel 8.8 and oversize washer. The new design presents cross - sections along the expansion body to make easier the expansion and to increase its performances;
• with countersunk flat hexagon head socket screw, steel 10.9.
• with threaded bar, steel 8.8, and washer;
• with hook, steel 8.8, and washer;
• with eyebolt, steel 8.8, and washer;
• with detached screw, steel 5.8, and washer, to realize inviolable fixings.

Suited for applications on solid supports: stone, concrete, solid and semisolid bricks. Designed for through fastening.

STEEL JIS G3101 SS400, white zinc plated (layer ≥ 5μ).

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Steel Wall plug DELTA STEEL - G&B Fissaggi

Steel Wall plug DELTA STEEL - G&B Fissaggi
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