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Steel Screw

Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

The anchoring system GETO PLUS is a self threading screw, designed for through fastening. It is suited for fastening light and heavy loads on solid supports.
• Due to the special threading, the screw - anchor GETO PLUS can be directly inserted into the hole, granting a quick installation and high loading values.
• It reduces the stress support, allowing tight fastening also near the edges and with reduced spacing.
• GETO PLUS can be reused in the same hole, so it is particularly suited for transitory fixing, as front scaffolding anchoring, and for all the application in which periodic servicing is necessary.
• GETO PLUS is ETA pending CE Option 1, for fastening on cracked and not cracked concrete supports.
• Tested by ICON Laboratories in London, in according to ETAG n. 001:1997
Available with hexagonal head (hole diameter 6 mm, with integrated washer).
Suited for applications on solid supports: stone, concrete, solid bricks. Designed for through fastening.
Similar to STEEL 8.8, white zinc plated (layer ≥ 5μ).

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Steel Screw GETO PLUS - G&B Fissaggi

Steel Screw GETO PLUS - G&B Fissaggi
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