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Fixing tape and adhesive

Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

It is an adhesive tape in glass fiber, to connect joints of plasterboard panels. Easy and quick to install: to lay the tape connected with the joints between the slabs which can be sealed with smoothing plaster.
It can be also used for domestic applications; for example to repair extensive crack in the walls, avoiding stucco cracks.

• Treatment type: alkali resistant.
• Adhesive one side.
• Colour white.
• Square dimension: 2,8x2,8 mm.
• Tape widht: 50 mm.
• Tape lenght: 20 / 45 / 90 m.
• Storage: in dry rooms with temperature between 0° C and 40 ° C. Don’t expose to direct sunlight and all weathers.

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Fixing tape and adhesive GEBOTAPE - G&B Fissaggi

Fixing tape and adhesive GEBOTAPE - G&B Fissaggi
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