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Nylon® Hose clamp

Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

FAST QUADRO is a nylon support designed for fastening plastic tubes with diameter from 12 to 43 mm, by a pressure restrained joint in the upper part of the support. The supports can be joined one another by a side restrain system.
FAST QUADRO can be fastened with a regular Condor plug with screw and also carries a through M6 threaded hole where an M6 screw can be set.
FAST QUADRO is made up of 6.6 polyamide nylon, which is a self extinguishing material.
Colour is RAL 7035 grey.

• Even in blister pack.

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Nylon® Hose clamp FAST QUADRO - G&B Fissaggi

Nylon® Hose clamp FAST QUADRO - G&B Fissaggi
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