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Diamond-coated Cutting Disc

Manufacturer G&B Fissaggi

Qualified line of diamond blades for dry cutting.
Available both in the universal version for cutting of several building materials and in the version for cutting of ceramic.
The quality of the products used (diamond powder and cobalt) and the widht of the rim give to the GEBOCUT blades, high performances
in line with the user’s expectations.
The universal version, type GBC/U, has a semi-continuous rim while the ceramic version, type GBC/C, the continuous rim grants a more regular and cleaner cutting.

Before using blades we recommend:
• Use blades suitable to the material to cut.
• Ascertain that the hole of the blade has the same diameter of the mandrell.
• The arrow showing rotation of the blade must correspond to the rotation direction of the tool used.
• When cutting match gent to the blade without apply an excessive pressure.
• It the blade starts to overheat, stop cutting and wait tew minutes to allow cooling of the blade.
• Wear always suitable safety protections: gloves, glasses, no rumors cap...
• Ascertain that the tool has its safety protections and that the same are operating.

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Diamond-coated Cutting Disc GEBOCUT - G&B Fissaggi

Diamond-coated Cutting Disc GEBOCUT - G&B Fissaggi
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