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Schüco AvanTec

Electro-mechanical device for window


The new generation of fittings for Schüco AvanTec combines timeless design with userorientated technology and versatile functionality. With vent weights up to 160 kg, the concealed mechanical fitting not only meets architectural demands for large format designs and maximum transparency. The fittings system for inward-opening, face-fitted windows also has impressive installation properties and a modular security concept up to WK3.

Features and benefits
- Narrow face widths and concealed fittings ensure a streamlined appearance
- Vent weights up to 130 kg or 160 kg; opening angle up to 90°
- Easier vent installation using installation clips
- Horizontal adjustment ±1.6 mm
- Self-jigging stay
- Schüco AvanTec remote control handle

Assembly sequence for Schüco AvanTec
The Schüco AvanTec fitting has been improved in terms of its installation properties. In addition to self-jigging stays and enhanced horizontal adjustment options, the vent can be securely positioned in the outer frame without tightenting the sliding blocks due to the integrated installation clip in the stay. This allows one-man installation of moderate-weight vents, as the vent when fixed in the outer frame is self-supporting.



Electro-mechanical device for window Schüco AvanTec - SCHÜCO INTERNATIONAL ITALIA

Electro-mechanical device for window Schüco AvanTec - SCHÜCO INTERNATIONAL ITALIA
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