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SUIT | Shower tray

Duralight® shower tray

Manufacturer TEUCO

Suit Collection
n innate elegance for rare and timeless atmospheres: this is the styling concept behind Suit, Teuco's new collection of bathroom furnishings designed by Matteo Nunziati.Perfect for refined and spacious settings, it also adapts with the utmost versatility to the cosiest bathroom environments.It is a matching range of products, an innovative top-quality design project Made in Italy, providing an original interpretation of the bathroom. The new collection expresses simply and with pure shapes the immense styling value of traditional materials and colour combinations, in a clever dialogue between past and present; it bears the distinguishing traits and shapes of traditional Italian design, which outlive passing trends and remain highly appealing and striking over time. The result is a "classical" product, understood as an interpretation of contemporary classic style achieved through proportions between all components.Distinguished by accurate volumes and elemental shapes, by light yet well-defined silhouettes, Suit provides refined and capacious furnishing solutions that emphasise the collection's horizontal, geometrical and minimal styling, brimming with unique details.The collection makes it possible to create exclusive solutions thanks to the use of Duralight®, an astounding material patented by Teuco. It is a solid surface composite material conceived, produced and processed exclusively by Teuco, which is 100% pliable, easy to restore, hygienic and easy to clean.

The shower tray, with its minimal design and clean-cut and sophisticated geometries, affords unexpected sensations to the touch, enhancing the well-being achieved through contact with water. The collection is made entirely in Duralight®, the patented, solid surface composite material, 100% pliable, making for total design freedom, conceived, produced and processed exclusively by Teuco. Suit consists of a wash basin with a beguiling backlit mirror and a shower tray. These products have been developed using a sophisticated technology involving moulds and extrusions that make for total flexibility of size. Indeed, thanks to the extreme pliability of Duralight® and to the exclusive processing capacity of the material, Suit blends in seamlessly with bathrooms of various sizes, adapting to a multitude of design solutions to cater to the most different furnishing requirements.

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Duralight is an exclusive Teuco patent

Duralight® shower tray SUIT | Shower tray - TEUCO
Duralight® shower tray SUIT | Shower tray - TEUCO

Duralight® shower tray SUIT | Shower tray - TEUCO
Duralight® shower tray SUIT | Shower tray - TEUCO

Duralight® shower tray SUIT | Shower tray - TEUCO
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