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OSKAR | High table

Glass high table

Manufacturer Sifas

design by
Oskar Collection
Sublime reinterpretation with perfect finishing in anodized aluminium of a great classic and nomadic furniture for relaxation, bar and eating areas. Chairs come in three versions for seats and backs: Standard, comfort and luxury. All models are « weatherresistant « guaranteed: for long lasting beauty.

OSKAR - Reinterpretation sublimated perfect finish to anodized aluminum for a classic furniture mobile office meals, relax and lounge below. For seats and backs, seats are available in three versions of comfort: standard, comfort and luxe. Toutes versions are guaranteed "all weather" for long lasting beauty. Structure: - Blasted and anodized satin aluminum TT (materials studied for resistance to climatic stress, sun, water, salt spray, gel, and the natural chemicals); - Wear shoes in glass fiber reinforced polyamide; - structure folding chairs and stools table. Trays: - Enameled glass plate below 900 ° C (1652 ° F), chemically sandblasted top and songs (no fingerprints) TT; - Tray decked in Synteak®.

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Glass high table OSKAR | High table - Sifas

Glass high table OSKAR | High table - Sifas
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