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Single wall-mounted vanity unit

Manufacturer LASA IDEA

design by
Flux_us Collection
New Lasaidea collection: advanced research, design innovation, total quality and high functionality.
There arises an original way of conceiving and living the bathroom space in perfect harmony between creativity and tecnology. Fluid shapes that envelop body and mind. There is a space for everything: every container of the flux_us collection has the greatest usability in perfect harmony with contemporary space. Ispired to contemporary sensibility, in which the sinuous shapes and the products sobriety are emphasised by the colours and the laquers.A young, coloured, informal house. Technology, design and functionality: this is Flux_us.

Composition FLUX_US 014 composed of wash-basin lime 31 with side laquered white gloss.

Further details

1) N. 2 Art. FL1, cm. 36 x 38 p. x 64 h.
2) N. 2 Art. SOKO, ø cm. 40 x 13 h.
3) N. 2 Art. FLS1, cm. 45 x 2 p. x 82 h.
4) N. 2 Art. FX1
5) N. 2 Art. FLM7, cm. 45 x 12 p. x 6 h.

LASA IDEA Catalogues

Single wall-mounted vanity unit FLUX_US 14 - LASA IDEA

Single wall-mounted vanity unit FLUX_US 14 - LASA IDEA
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