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ACCOR 1000 | Carpeting

Solid-color carpeting

Manufacturer OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Loop Collection
Piles and Loop areas are characterised by continous small yarn piles. They are either classically elegant with a constant height or impress with an artful woven look through attractive geometric structural effects. LOOP carpets are functional, extremely robust and resistant and can be used for living areas as well as for commercial space with high demands.

Extremely high grade nap structure with extraordinary corny and dull surface optic. Specially made for the use in hotels, living and contract areas due to soil-hiding fibres.
Method of production: tufted
Surface structure: Loop
Delivery form: approx. 400 cm
Secondary backing: action back, conductive layer; optional with  
BlackThermo®Felt Acoustics Plus
Pile material: 100% Polyamide
Colours: 29



Solid-color carpeting ACCOR 1000 | Carpeting - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Solid-color carpeting ACCOR 1000 | Carpeting - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Materials & Textures

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