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SL - RONDO 1100

Solid-color carpeting

Manufacturer OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Quadramodul SL Collection
Mobility and flexibility are the main demands of today's contract architecture worldwide. Self-laying, non glued carpet tiles fulfil these demands. 7 different patterns, cut qualities like 'Leo' an exotic looking leopard fur or 'Rondo' circles all over or our best seller 'Poodle', a shag constructed as tile. We are sure you will find what you need.Only the best constructions, provided by premium high-tech trade mark fibres, guarantee the best suitability within the contract areas. Also 7 different dessins like our quality SL-Springles, SL-Cord, SL-Fishbone or SL-Python, dessins especially made for the contract area.


Solid-color carpeting SL - RONDO 1100 - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Solid-color carpeting SL - RONDO 1100 - OBJECT CARPET GmbH
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