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PEARL 1301

Polyamide rug

Manufacturer OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Rugx Collection
RUGX from OBJECT CARPET design interiors: Being stylish accessories, they create attractive optical accents on parquet flooring, natural stone, planks or tiles. Due to individual shapes, RUGX offer the ideal solution for any room layout and interior concept: at home, in the offi ce or in the hotel, as non-integrated solutions in a shop, in the entrance area or in the lounge. Whether clear geometric shapes or unformed silhouettes: You define the shape. Hungry for colours. Emphasize your space. Live a new lifestyle. For individualists and aesthetes, stylists and romantics.Rugs as a noble addition to stone, tiles, planks.
Whether for the rugs, office or hotels - Rugs from OBJECT CARPET bring individuality into every room. You can choose from 12 different carpet structures and over 300 colour shades, all manufactured from 100% trade mark fibres Antron® from Invista. GuT-licensed, RWTÜV-Exam-Certificate, Suited for Persons Suffering from an allergy.

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Polyamide rug PEARL 1301 - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

Polyamide rug PEARL 1301 - OBJECT CARPET GmbH

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