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Embroidered silk fabric

Manufacturer Zimmer + Rohde

Il Caravaggio Collection
CONCERTO - Stylish and luxurious silk taffeta strip in anelegant range of colours. The raised embroideryof the geometric motifs give this item a threedimensionaleffect and thus make it especiallyimpressive and expressive. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – the avantgarde painter, famous for his use of light, drama and sensuality. His idiosyncratic style and his unique use of light and shade have had an enduring effect on the work of many prominent artists. Caravaggio‘s works, as well as his life story, shaped by passions with emotional highs and lows, continue to have a seminal effect on the history of painting even today. The refined elegance of the new Ardecora collection “Il Caravaggio “ reflects the varied personality of this eccentric artist.

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Embroidered silk fabric CONCERTO - Zimmer + Rohde

Embroidered silk fabric CONCERTO - Zimmer + Rohde
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