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Ventilated roof system

Manufacturer Freudenberg Politex

B-PAR is the breathable underslating sheet created by  Freudenberg Politex to protect the roof system from  rainwater infiltrations and to ensure an adequate breathability to the cover. B-PAR performs the dual function of barrier to water,  essential in case of tiles breakage or movements, and of breathability,  to facilitate the natural circulation of air, which contributes to maintain the layers below dry.

-   Vapour – permeable  ( plus version)
-   Vapour control (FV version)
-   Water – proof
-   Rot-proof and hypoallergenic
-   Good mechanical resistance
-   Versatile and easy to use
-   Resistant to UV rays

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Ventilated roof system B-PAR - Freudenberg Politex

Ventilated roof system B-PAR - Freudenberg Politex
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