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Ventilated roof system

Manufacturer Freudenberg Politex

ReflexPAR is a polyester nonwoven laminated with a reflecting shield suitable for protecting building from  infiltrations, radiations and UV rays.  Especially when you utilize the space underneath the cover for residential purposes, the roof system must offer protection, not only from water infiltration, but also from condensation, humidity and temperature range.  ReflexPAR of Freudenberg Politex is a special waterproofing and vapour control sheet, which,  placed in the roof cavity, provides excellent protection from atmospheric agents, matching its waterproofing properties with its function of reflective screen of electromagnetic and heat waves. ReflexPAR is rot-proof, hypoallergenic, stable at operating temperatures and resistant to UV rays.

-   Electromagnetic shield
-   Heat-reflecting shield
-   Waterproof
-   Resistant to UV rays
Ventilated roof system ReflexPAR - Freudenberg Politex

Ventilated roof system ReflexPAR - Freudenberg Politex
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