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In situ liquid membrane

Manufacturer Freudenberg Politex

VeloPAR is a support  for liquid waterproofing, which ensures, thanks to its flexibility,  an excellent adaptability to all surfaces and a perfect homogeneity of the binding layers. VeloPAR contains  the settlement of laying materials, which would otherwise cause infiltrations and cracking. In those cases of external horizontal surfaces such as balconies and terraces of new-built or in cases of renovation, VeloPAR is the ideal product to reinforce and protect the waterproofing systems. VeloPAR is rot-proof, hypo-allergenic, resistant to atmospheric agents, adaptable to all surfaces and has an excellent mechanical resistance.
-   Rot-proof
-   Flexible
-   Hypoallergenic
-   Resistant to atmospheric agents
-   Adaptable to all surfaces
-   Excellent mechanical resistance

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In situ liquid membrane VeloPAR - Freudenberg Politex

In situ liquid membrane VeloPAR - Freudenberg Politex
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