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Manufacturer Freudenberg Politex

Drenotex is a range of geotextile products, all guaranteed by CE label, made of polyester or polypropylene. The  Drenotex range is used for drainages, filtrations, loads distribution, mechanical protection and anti-contaminant separator. Thanks to their durability and resistance to mould, bacteria, rodents and to UVA and UVB rays, and to their flexibility of lay, these products offer high performances even in technically complex situations, for reliable long-term solutions. Drenotex is available in a wide variety of weights and sizes, both in polyester and polypropylene.
-   Drainage, separation and filtration
-   Rot-proof
-   Resistant to mould, bacteria and rodents
-   Easy to lay
-   Resistant to UV rays
-   Ecologic and recyclable

Freudenberg Politex Catalogues

Geotextiles Drenotex - Freudenberg Politex

Geotextiles Drenotex - Freudenberg Politex
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