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Retractable steel security bar

Manufacturer TESIFLEX

The PRÆSIDIUM® Security Collapsible Grate is a project that was created to fulfil specific needs. It introduces important innovations into the field of door and window security: Security: a valid burglar-proof barrier for doors, windows and shop windows. Functionality: secure and easy to manoeuvre when opening or closing.Simplicity:
simple structure, so as not to spoil the view. Integration: a rational and elegant structure, easily integrated with various architectural styles.The collapsible PRÆSIDIUM grate is the solution for protecting doors, windows and shop windows with maximum safety and functionality. It can be opened completely, easily reduced into a pack on one or on both sides leaving the area totally free, and can be quickly closed for peace of mind and security by means of the patented sliding system and the special lock that locks the doors in three points.

TESIFLEX Catalogues

Retractable steel security bar PRÆSIDIUM® X.4 - TESIFLEX

Retractable steel security bar PRÆSIDIUM® X.4 - TESIFLEX
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