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Solar control glass film

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Traditional Solar


Solar control glass film

The Traditional Solar Series is a range of economical solar control films that combine high heat reduction with a quick return on investment, using reflection, transparency and color properties. The first 3M Silver solar film was born at the dawn of the window film industry and since then 3M has improved and extended its range of traditional solar panels, helping its customers to solve solar control problems.

Further details
· High heat reduction means better comfort and energy savings.
· Refreshes by reducing excessive heat in the warmer months.
· Reduces discoloration and helps protect furniture.
· Extended 3M manufacturer warranty.
· Reduces glare.
· Reduces the risk related to glass splinters in case of breakage.
Solar control
Uses 3M window films to meet the criteria of energy saving through the decrease of the incoming heat, increasing comfort, reducing fading, glare and reflections.
Energy saving
Heating, cooling, curtains and lighting can have a significant impact on the running costs of a building, especially when electricity and gas costs increase each year. Increasing solar heat during the summer months can increase the thermal load of a building by up to 60%. Effective use of 3M solar control films can reduce solar heat up to 77% and significantly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating systems, does not require the use of curtains and contributes to more efficient control of the temperature.
Comfort improvement
Heat and sunlight can create difficulties in keeping a building comfortable. 3M solar control films reduce solar heat and provide greater comfort for occupants. The ideal working environment is neither too hot nor too cold, with optimal use of natural lighting. For every grade above 23 ° C, it is shown that the level of productivity is reduced by 5%! The 3M solar control films will allow you to achieve the ideal working environment.
Reduction of discoloration
Ultraviolet light is largely responsible for the discoloration of colors and the degradation of many materials. Although some films can completely prevent fading, 3M solar control films reduce the harmful rays by 99.9% and can therefore significantly slow down the fading process. 3M solar control films can also be extremely useful to protect furniture, objects in shop windows and art galleries, prolonging their life and brightness of colors.
Reduction of glare and reflections
Working at the computer or watching a screen with a light on the surface is annoying. By significantly reducing glare, 3M solar control films also reduce eye strain. Thanks to the absence of metals in many of our films, they are barely visible and do not cause unwanted internal or external reflections (reflectivity up to 1% lower than without film), keeping the building's appearance and visibility unchanged outwards or inwards.

Sun Control Collection by 3M Italia
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