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AR3445-PL Aerosol generator

Special fire-fighting system


Aerosol generator AR3445-PL - The ceiling light model is a new application of Firecom aerosol generators. It has been specifically designed for standard suspended ceilings (recessed ceiling version). More than ever safety and protection of the premises meets with research and design. Fixed systems condensed aerosol fire-extinguishing can be used to protect both small volumes and larger ones. They are made of one or more than one unit (generators) of different sizes that can be used individually or in multiple conjunctions.  Systems aerosol for the protection of shelter, of switchboards and of power-supply units. Aerosol generators, installed either singularly or in multiple conjunctions can be put into effect in many ways. Authomatically, by a fire-detector system with an alarm threshold and discharge delay, in case of unpeopled areas, otherwise with manual activation of the discharge. Our aerosol generators are made in stainless steel. Electric activation: 24Vcc. Survellance power: 5mA.

It consists: 1 ceiling light made stainlees steel;  2 aerosol generators ( AR1041 or AR1742).
Internationally patented model.


Special fire-fighting system AR3445-PL Aerosol generator - FIRECOM AUTOMOTIVE

Special fire-fighting system AR3445-PL Aerosol generator - FIRECOM AUTOMOTIVE
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